Germany wins most gold medals at World Games in Birmingham, Italy wins most overall

Germany won the most gold medals at the World Games in Birmingham as competition concluded Sunday afternoon.

Germany won 24 gold medals, 7 silver and 16 bronze, for a total of 47, which was second in overall medals.

Italy won the most medals overall with 49: 13 gold, 24 silver and 12 bronze.

The United States and Ukraine tied for the second-most gold medals with 16 each. Ukraine was third in overall medals with 45, including 12 silver and 17 bronze.

The United States was fourth overall in total medals with 44, including 18 silver and 10 bronze.

Italy was fourth in gold medals behind Germany, USA and Ukraine.

All 223 events had concluded by Sunday afternoon, ending when the Netherlands defeated Belgium to win a gold medal in korfball, which was invented by the Dutch. Korf is the Dutch word for basket.

The closing ceremony was set to begin at 8 p.m. at Protective Stadium, wrapping up the sport event that opened on July 7.

Germany remains atop the medal list for the World Games 2022 in Birmingham.

Germany has won 16 gold, two silver and nine bronze.

The top 10 gold medal winners are:

1. Germany – 16

2. Hungary – 10

3. Colombia – 9

4. Ukraine – 9

5. Italy – 8

6. Japan – 8

7. China – 7

8. France – 4

9. Denmark – 4

10. Belgium – 4

The U.S. has moved into 11th place, with three gold medals, eight silvers and four bronze. The U.S. team’s gold medals came in the team men’s division of inline hockey, men’s individual break dancing and single women’s tinpin bowling.

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